Andrea Juneková

Portrait of the artist Andrea Juneková, Scholarshipholder from Bratislava in the Schafhof in Freising in 2021 - in the framework of the European Art Fellowship of the District Council of Upper Bavaria

Andrea Junekova, born 1984 in Czechoslovakia
lives and works in Bratislava
stay in Freising: July and August 2021

Andrea Juneková: "Until the light takes us, my friend" - object, size 8x6 metres, material: multiplied drawing, paper, metal,  2018 in Nida Art Colony, Nida Lithuania

The artist completed her master's degree in photography and new media at the Academy of Arts and Design in Bratislava in 2010. In 2010 she won the 1st prize of the national photography competition of the VUB Foundation. Her artworks have been shown in numerous group exhibitions and in solo exhibitions in Slovakia and abroad.

In recent years, Andrea Juneková's artistic practice has expanded beyond the medium of photography to include other art media: Objects, video and installation. Juneková's artistic practice is characterized by a multi-layered approach on the level of content. She uncovers the different layers of un/consciousness with strong emphasis on the role of women in society. "My new works reflect the state of society - instability and temporality. I am exploring spaces where deconstruction of old mechanisms and paradigms is possible."

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